Luxury Detox Centers In Florida

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1. Aton Center – San Diego, California
Aton Center is a high-end addiction recovery treatment center situated among the beaches and hills of San Diego.
Traditional treatments available at Aton Center include:
• Medically assisted detox.
• Behavioral therapy.
• Individualized, one-on-one therapy.
• Family therapy.
• 12-step programs.
Aton Center also features a number of holistic and alternative treatment approaches that include, but are not limited to:
• Massage therapy.
• Acupuncture.
• Breathing and stress reduction training.
• Yoga and meditation.
• Energy healing.
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
• Hypnotherapy.
• Personal training.
• Watsu.
2. Malibu Beach Recovery – Pacific Palisades, California
Malibu Beach Recovery is a luxury rehab center located in a breathtaking Southern California setting that overlooks both the Malibu Canyon as well as the Pacific Ocean.
Special features unique to Malibu Beach Recovery include:
• The Malibu Beach recovery diet.
• Yoga.
• Creative arts therapy.
• Gender-specific treatment.
• Pristine views.
• Both inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs.
• Dual diagnosis treatment.
3. Sabino Recovery – Tucson, Arizona
Sabino Recovery offers holistic addiction recovery treatment in the context of the beautiful southwest deserts of Arizona.
• Equine therapy.
• Music and sound therapy.
• Art and movement therapy.
• Sleep lab testing and assessments.
• Yoga, massage, and acupuncture.
• Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
4. Acqua Recovery – Midway, Utah
Acqua Recovery is located at a beautiful lakeside setting in Utah among mountains, waterfalls, and streams.
In addition to medical detox and therapy, Acqua Recovery’s comprehensive program also offers the following:
• Dual diagnosis treatment.
• Behavioral disorder treatment.
• Outpatient services.
• Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
• Polyvagal theory and trauma-informed care.
• Sober living homes.
5. Greenhouse – Dallas, Texas
Greenhouse builds their treatment programs around research-based therapeutic modalities to bring the finest care possible to patients. The center provides:
• Motivational interviewing.
• Individualized treatment plans.
• 12-step meetings.
• Dual diagnosis treatment.
• Detox.
6. Tranquility Woods – Pasadena, Maryland
Tranquility Woods – located in a secluded, residential neighborhood in Maryland
Additional feature of Tranquility Woods include:
• Acupuncture.
• Massage therapy.
• Dual diagnosis treatment.
7. McLean Hospital — Belmont, Massachusetts
McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School and has been helping patients with psychiatric illnesses and chemical dependencies since 1811.
McLean Hospital a number of services to help with recovery, including:
• Detox.
• Behavioral disorder treatment.
• Outpatient services.
• Sober living homes.
• Private rooms.
8. Bluff Plantation – Augusta, Georgia
Situated in the wooded countryside of Augusta, Georgia,
In addition to detox and behavioral therapy, Buff Plantation treatment also offers:
• Equine therapy.
• Trauma and Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT).
• Malibu Beach Recovery Diet.
• Nutrition counseling.
• Exercise.
• Spiritual care and mindfulness meditation.
• Aftercare support.
9. Sunspire Health Key Largo – Key Largo, Florida
Sunspire Health Key Largo is an oceanfront, luxury addiction treatment center located on the beautiful beaches of the Florida Keys.
Detox and behavioral therapy are used, alongside the following supportive therapy measures:
• Animal therapy.
• Recreational fitness programs.
• Body image support groups.
• Nutritional therapy.
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
• Medication-assisted treatment.
10.Saint Jude Executive Retreat – New York, NY
Saint Jude Executive Retreat provides a luxurious, secluded country home recovery center specially designed for those who need extra attention, privacy, and confidentiality. Situated in upstate New York, guests can expect private rooms and a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio.
Additional luxury features at Saint Jude Executive Retreat also include:
• Massage therapist.
• Gourmet chef.

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